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Wetlands & Ponds


Water in the landscape greatly increases the variety of plants and animals that a site can support. A backyard pond can bring dragonflies, singing toads, and bathing birds into your yard. Large rural properties can support the restoration or creation of large wetlands that will attract a diversity of ducks and other water birds.


Restoring wetlands involves repairing the hydrology on a site where a wetland was historically present. Most wetlands in the farming landscape have been drained and filled. The ecological restoration of these sites involves removing the fill and drainage pipes using excavators, which allows water to flood in once again. After a site has filled with water, wetland vegetation is planted including waterlilies, wetland wildflowers and many sedge species. Restored wetlands are quick to attract migrating water birds such as greater & lesser scaup, ringneck ducks, mallards, and American bitterns. During the summer months, common breeding birds in wetlands installed by Natvik design include American coot, sora rail, least bittern, green heron, and wood ducks.


Wetland creations involve the construction of a wetland on a site where a wetland was not present historically. Because of the extant of wetland loss in southern Ontario, wetland creations are important to compensate for the lack of wetland habitat available to wildlife. Wetland creations need to be constructed in areas where runoff patterns are able to keep the wetlands hydrated via natural rainfall. Diverse wetland vegetation can still be supported in wetland creations. A variety of water depths are designed to support a mix of emergent vegetation (e.g. sedges), floating vegetation (e.g. water lilies) and open water. Wetland creations will also attract herons, bitterns, coots, and a variety of duck species. Wetland creations design by Natvik Design have attracted Ontario rarities during migration including American pelican, sandhill cranes, and trumpeter swans. Wetland creations become very important to landowners, who can enjoy daily access to activities such as wildlife observation, canoeing, and fishing.


Homeowners in cities and towns can enjoy miniature versions of the wetlands in their backyards. American toads and green frogs will migrate through urban areas, especially after large rains. When they encounter a back yard pond, they will move in. Dragonflies will also become backyard residents and are amazing to watch as they fly bout the yard eating smaller insects in flight. Plantings of cardinal flower along pond edges will attract hummingbirds, along with a large variety of birds that will visit to bath and drink along the pond edges. It is important to design ponds with features such as decks and bridges to allow daily enjoyment of the pond. Integrating the pond with other plantings in the yard (e.g. meadow gardens and woodland gardens) will greatly enhance the attractiveness of the backyard to a larger variety of songbirds and butterflies.